Bi-fold door hardware

In this category, discover a selection of our aluminum tracks and hardware for bifold sliding doors. Manufactured in house at our plants, the quality of our sliding door hardware ensures a fluid motion through our smooth and silent rollers.

These hardware are made for panels up to 90 lbs. Our ready-to-install kits include an aluminum track, one or two rollers, top and bottom pivots and hinges. We also provide screws and spanners to help you mount and adjust the height of the hardware.

They can be used for sliding partition doors but also for sliding closet doors. Our hardware allows for a configuration with either two or four panels. For four panels, there must be two panels on the left side and two on the right.

Make sure that the weight, the thickness and the width of your panels correspond to the recommandations given for each kit. Want to know more? Visit our “how to choose your sliding door hardware” page.

How to install our sliding door hardware

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Bifold door application

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All our products are shipped from our warehouse located in Lawrenceville, Georgia.