Pocket door hardware

Discover our ready-to-install kits and spare parts for pocket door hardware. All of our products are manufactured in house at one of our state-of-the-art facilities and feature uniquely designed silent rollers to ensure a smooth and fluid motion of your door.

We offer 2 kits, one for doors up to 7 feet and one for doors up to 8 feet. They come with a wooden beam, an aluminum track and a pair of rollers that are adapted to match a maximum door weight of 120 lbs. We offer flexible track lengths and wooden beam lengths to provide greater flexibility for your project. Also included are galvanized steel jambs, brackets for wooden beam mounting and jamb mounting, door stoppers and a bottom guides to make sure the door remains in the track and slides efficiently every time. Screws and spanners are provided free of charge to assist you with mounting and adjustments to height to meet your specifications.

Make sure that the weight, thickness and width of your door correspond to the recommendations attached to each kit. Want to know more? Visit our “how to choose your sliding door hardware” page.

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Pocket door application

Shipped from Canada

All our products are shipped from our company located in Québec.